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Our website shares everything related to exploring, living, and playing in the outdoors because let’s face it….life is better outside.

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We wanted to share our experiences and love for the outdoors with everyone else. 

Today, everyone is so busy, often depressed, and stressed. One of the best ways to combat this is to get outside. 

We share our favorite trip reports, outings, reviews, and everything else we wish we could find outside.

Enjoy the Mountains and Leave No Trace.

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Our Latest Outdoor Articles

Ice fishing with your Dog
Winter Sports

Tips For Ice Fishing With Your Dog – A Helpful Guide

Ice fishing can be fun for the whole family, so why not bring the dog along? After all, dogs are part of the family too.  …

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A Guide to Catching more Walleye
Ice fishing

Ice Fishing For Walleye – A Helpful Guide To Catch More Fish

Walleye have become a very popular fish among anglers all around the country. They are known for their tasty filets aggressive behavior, which makes these …

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Why You Need and Underwater Fishing Camera
Winter Sports

Underwater Fishing Cameras – Why You Need One

If you could see exactly what was below the surface of the water while fishing, would you want to? Of course, you would! The real …

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Tips for catching bluegill
Ice fishing

Ice Fishing for Bluegill – A Helpful Guide to Catch More Fish

Why track and catch Bluegill fish? Bluegill typically travel in large schools which can make for an exciting fishing trip with a plentiful bounty for …

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Snowshoeing at Night

Snowshoeing at Night – A Helpful Guide

Unless you’ve been snowshoeing yourself, it’s hard to explain how soothing to the soul it can be. From the crisp air and snow coating the …

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Snowshoeing is a Great Winter Exercise

Is Snowshoeing Good Exercise? – How to Get A Great Workout In the Winter

It’s hard to stay active outdoors in the winter when the days become shorter and the temperatures begin to plummet. Instead of fighting the dreary …

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