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Welcome to where our passion is enjoying life outside.

Our website shares everything related to exploring, living, and playing in the outdoors because let’s face it….life is better outside.

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We wanted to share our experiences and love for the outdoors with everyone else. 

Today, everyone is so busy, often depressed, and stressed. One of the best ways to combat this is to get outside. 

We share our favorite trip reports, outings, reviews, and everything else we wish we could find outside.

Enjoy the Mountains and Leave No Trace.

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Cold Weather Rafting
Water Sports

Cold Weather Rafting – How To Stay Warm on the River

Rafting is great summertime fun but who said the fun has to end when the weather turns cold? Is there anything more fun than rafting …

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Taking Your Dog Whitewater Rafting A Helpful Guide
Water Sports

Taking Your Dog Whitewater Rafting: A Helpful Guide

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating way to enjoy the great outdoors. From the beautiful scenery and the light mist of water on your face to …

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Rafting with Kids A Helpful Guide
Water Sports

Rafting with Young Kids – A Helpful Guide

You’d be hard-pressed to find a young kid who doesn’t enjoy being out on the water. What better way to create memories than trying something …

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Camping Shower Ideas And Options A Helpful Guide

Camping Shower Ideas and Options: A Helpful Guide

It’s easy to glamorize camping in the wilderness. Waking up to a nice fire, brewing coffee over an open flame, and enjoying the fresh scents …

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White Water Rafting and Camping
Water Sports

Packing For An Overnight Rafting Trip: A Helpful Guide

If you love rafting and camping, then you will love an overnight rafting trip. Enjoy a night of sleeping on the river bank with a …

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The Best Shoes For Whitewater Rafting A Helpful Guide
Water Sports

The Best Shoes for Whitewater Rafting: A Helpful Guide

Have you ever been rafting barefoot, fallen out, and cut your feet so bad that you couldn’t walk for days?! Ok, us either because we’ve …

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