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7 Great Benefits of Running at Night

7 Great Benefits of Running at Night

It is no secret that working out has impressive benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Running is a popular and easy way ro exercise for those individuals that love to get their cardio in.

7 Great Benefits of Running at NightAnyone who loves to run will tell you how there is no feeling comparable to that of the “runner’s high.”

Running at night can provide exceptional benefits for people that might not have time to work out in the morning or during the daytime.

We have compiled a list of our favorite reasons why running at nighttime can be a great idea for runners of all levels.  

You Almost Have to Make Healthier Choices During the Day

Running at night time allows you to make healthier choices during the day. The impending idea of running helps direct choices to make it easier to work out. For example, many people do not like to run on a full stomach. Therefore, they will eat food choices that are light in nature and not deep-fried or fattening. Who wants to run on a stomach full of french fries and hamburgers?

Furthermore, when you run at night, you are in the mindset of being healthy and active. You’ll stay more hydrated during the day. You’ll also likely work in more stretching during the workday to help keep your legs ready for the evening. 

eating a salad at lunch

That after-work beer? Probably not going to grab one if you get yourself into a routine of running when the family is winding down for the evening.

The focus on health starts when you wake up in the morning, and you’ll less likely to ruin your workout by the choices made during the day.

Running at Night Helps with Stress Relief

The link between regularly working out and a decrease in stress is widely known and an excellent motivator for becoming more active. 

Exercise can reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals released by the brain that trigger positive and happy feelings. Exercising regularly can also regulate hormonal movement, which will result in your blood sugar and the fats in your blood decreasing. Reduced blood sugar can improve symptoms linked to stress. Furthermore, exercising combats stress symptoms such as elevated blood pressure and cholesterol by reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Stress from work

Running at night time can especially stress relieving because many people like to be productive and run their errands during the daytime. Therefore, all of the built-up stress from the day can be mitigated before their heads hit the pillow with an evening running session.   

You'll Get Better Quality and More Sleep

For the same reason as above, running at nighttime can cause you to sleep better overall. The reduced stress and regulated hormones help prepare your body for a full night’s sleep. If you regularly go running at night time, you’ll often experience a night of deeper and higher quality sleep. Falling asleep can also be easier for those that toss and turn to wait for some shut-eye. 

Better sleep quality after running

Research has shown that exercising at night time positively affects the runners’ sleep cycle. However, you want to avoid working out less than an hour before you go to sleep. Going to sleep immediately after working out can negatively affect sleep patterns for some individuals as well. You can do certain things such as a cooldown workout, take a hot shower, or a warm bath to help your body get into a resting state after your workout. 

You'll Go to Bed Bathed and Clean

Who doesn’t love to feel all fresh and clean when they tuck into their bed for the night? Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of running at night is looking forward to your nighttime shower before bedtime. 

Your sheets will be cleaner longer, your muscles will be relaxed after the hot shower, and stress is washed away.

As mentioned above, taking a shower or bath after your workout can help put your body in the resting state needed for sleep. This also helps save you time in the morning because you’ll be fresh and ready to go. I am sure you will enjoy your fifteen extra minutes of sleep before you have to get your day started.

Running at Night is Better for Stiff Muscles or Joints

Many people experience tense, inflexible, or stiff joints and muscles when they first wake up in the morning. Nighttime runs are better for those types of individuals. If you have a medical condition that causes stiff joints, your body might not be able to handle intense running right after you wake up. 

As the day goes on, your body warms up and stretches, which decreases your chances of overexertion or injuring yourself while working out first thing in the morning. Nighttime running can also result in improved muscle coordination and control.

stretching before running

Finally, those sore and achy muscles will have increased blood flow to them long after you finish your run. The increase in blood flow is important to help lubricate joints and heal old aches and pains. The longer that the joints have increased blood flow while sleeping, the more repair the body can achieve. 

You Can Burn Calories While You are Sleeping

Working out at night can help you burn more calories while you sleep. Running in the evening helps people lose weight which can also boost their metabolism. Active muscles help burn more calories while your body is resting. Your metabolic rate will stay elevated for hours after running which means that you’ll get what you always wanted, to lose weight while you sleep!

If you add strength training to your nighttime running routine, you will burn even more calories since strength training builds muscle and uses more energy.

You Will Have More Time to Complete the Run

Running at night time also gives you more time to complete your run. If you work out in the morning, you could have a lot on your mind, such as all the busy errands you have to run that day and may have to cut your run short to get ready for work.

check a watch while running

Running at night can be a lot more relaxing since you have already taken care of your errands for the day. You can take as much time as you need to get your mileage in and not have to rush out the door. This will allow you to focus better on your running and possibly do a more extended session. 


No matter who they are, every person can benefit from adding regular exercise into their daily or weekly routine. Running at nighttime has several notable advantages over working out during the day. If you are looking to become more active and add a workout into your routine, try giving nighttime running a try!

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