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Tips for catching bluegill

Ice Fishing for Bluegill – A Helpful Guide to Catch More Fish

Helpful Tips for Ice Fishing for BluegillWhy track and catch Bluegill fish? Bluegill typically travel in large schools which can make for an exciting fishing trip with a plentiful bounty for all. If you are new to Bluegill fishing or just want to tune your skills you may be wondering how best to catch them through the ice. 

To effectively catch Bluegill through the ice, you must understand their behavior and where they will likely be during the colder months. Studying the layout of the surface below you with an underwater fishing camera makes it easy to find their hiding spots. 

If you would like to know more about how to catch Bluegill while ice fishing, continue reading this article for helpful information and tips.

What You Should Know if You Want to Catch Bluegill While Ice Fishing

Ice fishing for Bluegill can be fun for the whole family. The large groups of fish make it easy for people of all ages to try their hand at ice fishing. 

The following section will give information that can improve your chances of catching Bluegill while out on the ice and filling your fish basket so you can fill some bellies and make memories to last a lifetime.

Line Weight Matters

You may not consider this, but the weight of the line can make a big difference in the outcome of your fishing trip. Most experienced ice anglers recommended that when ice fishing for Bluegill you use a light to the ultralight-weight line because it moves better through the water and does not get as stiff as a larger gauge line would.

Using the Right Rod

Although you can technically ice fish with any style rod, it is best if you buy one specific to ice fishing. Stick to something with a sensitive or ultra-sensitive tip so you can feel when the Bluegill is nibbling. For more information on ice fishing rods follow this link

Best Attractant - Live Bait vs Artificial Lures

Fishing Lures or Live Bait?There are varying opinions regarding this issue, but ultimately it depends upon how the fish are feeding on a particular day. It is best to bring multiple types of attractants to see what they are drawn to at that moment. 

Bluegill typically prefer smaller bait that resembles aquatic insects and larvae. Things with a little shimmer, such as small minnows, help attract Bluegill when they are deeper in the water.

How Low Should You Go

It is important to drop your line in an area where the fish are biting. You may be wondering how low you need to go. On average you can catch Bluegill at around 15-30ft of depth. 

When weeds turn from green to brown, go a little deeper and you will likely find the Bluegill you have been after. During the winter months, they tend to go even deeper toward the troughs that lead to the bays. 

Fish for Bluegill in the weeds

As oxygen levels decrease during the colder months they will gravitate deeper toward muddy bottoms, as that is where the small insects and larvae live.

Most Active Times of Day for Ice Fishing Bluegill

If you want to fill your fish basket, it is best to go ice fishing when the Bluegill is the most active. 

Typically the best time of the day to ice fish for Bluegill is around the first two or three hours after sunrise and then a couple of hours before and after sunset. 

Of course, you can fish any time of the day for them, however, you have better chances of catching them if you go during the previously mentioned hours.

Night Time is the Right Time - Or is it?

There is something magical and mysterious about being on the ice at night. You are alone with your thoughts in the crisp night air with nobody around to distract your fishing game. You may be wondering if you can fish for Bluegill at night. 

The answer is yes if you do it correctly. It is recommended that you use a little larger bait than you would during the daytime and slowly jig to attract the larger Bluegill during the nighttime hours.

Ice FIshing For Bluegill

Avoid These Things to Catch More Bluegill While Ice Fishing

When ice fishing for Bluegill, avoiding the following things can help save time and energy by skipping the trial and error. 

Things to avoid: 

  • Heavy-weight line
  • Large attractants
  • Shallow waters
  • Using the wrong rod 
  • Fishing during the wrong part of the day
  • Picking random spots to fish

Let Technology Amp Up Your Fishing Game

Another great way to catch Bluegill through the ice is to invest in an underwater fishing camera with GPS and fish-finding capabilities. These devices have become extremely popular among ice anglers and open water fishermen. 

Underwater Ice Fishing cameraThe great thing about these devices is that you can see a true image of what is lurking below the surface of the ice. Studying the layout of the underwater surface will help you to learn the Bluegill’s behavior and see exactly where they are hanging out. 

Once you have mastered using this kind of device you will be glad as it can help you improve your fishing knowledge and skills tremendously.

Catching More Fish Brings More Smiles and Full Bellies

Ice fishing for Bluegill has become increasingly popular among anglers all over the country. Hopefully, the information and tips in this article will help you to see how rewarding and fun ice fishing for Bluegill can be for you and your whole family. If you study their behavior and learn where they like to hang out you are sure to fill your fish basket every time. 






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